Deep Cover Undercover Police Game

881 Games, a part of 881 marketing, is making an iOS and Andriod device game called Deep Cover. 

My name is Howard Carney and I am a former Kansas City Police Detective. During my career I was assigned to Uniform Patrol,  The Vice Unit, The Street Narcotics Unit, The Drug Enforcement Unit, The DEA Taskforce and The Homicide Unit. The reason I created the Deep Cover game is so you can experience what I and many other real Undercover Police Detectives experienced, without the actual danger. These are all real situations that really happened to real undercover police officers, including me.

This is a trailer to give you an idea what the app will look like before my team and I build it and officially launch it in the spring of 2018. Below the video are links to my social media pages so you can like and follow us for updates.

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My Personal Spapchat is howardcarney3

Facebook Local App

Facebook launched a new mobile app called ‘Local’ that shows events, places and anything you may be interested in close by. It works wherever you are or near places you want to go.  It is U.S. only now but will most likely expand to the worlds soon. It is available for iOS and Android and is FREE!